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Sunday, April 15, 2007

W Stands For...

A Big Win!!! For Nationals fans, Saturday's game against the Mets was all about winning. With an early homer from Dmitri Young in the second inning, the Nats were off to a great start. Homeruns by Church and Snelling in the sixth inning nearly secured a Nationals win. While the Mets could have rallied in the eighth, tne Nats shut the team down. Overall, the Nats were hot. Great hitting, great fielding...

While "W" stood for a win for Nats fans this weekend, "W" meant something else to New Yorkers. Here are some of the things Mets fans said to me in my Nationals cap.

A friend I attended the game with said, "Your hat is so ugly. You could work for Walgreens. Go Walgreens!"

A group of angry Mets fans at a restaurant/bar yelled, "Boo! Boo! W stands for Wussy."
(I was told that is Bronx insult in Queens.)

Finally, on Sunday morning the whole city said to me, "W stands for wet!" The Sunday game was a rainout, hence the wet!

I'm choosing to ignore the Mets and listen to General Manager Jim Bowden. During spring training in an interview with MASN, Bowden stated, "The W on our hat stands for Washington, World and Winning!"


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