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Monday, May 14, 2007

And We Thought Three Was Good!

Congrats to Jason Bergmann on a great game! For those of you who missed it, Berggy had an outstanding outing against the Braves today. Pitching halfway through the 9th, he had 10 strikes and allowed only two hits and one walk.

A few other quick highlights from the game...
- Christian Guzman had a triple in the 1st. Ryan Zimmerman then had a sacrifice, allowing Guz to score early on.
- Ryan Church also had a nice hit in the 7th, allowing Austin Kearns to hit him in.
- Colome had a great close striking out Andruw Jones... aww yeah!!!

We do hope Smoltz is okay after his accident with Kearns. And too bad for Kearns... he has the worst luck.

Finally, a quick bit on yesterday's game. It was a perfect sunny Mother's Day in Washington. I do believe RFK was near perfection with the sun shining down. All the players were in rare form with their families on the field prior to the game. Rauch, Johnson, and Schneider all had their adorable daughters on the field. Check out Miss Chatter's pics of the guys and their families.

While all the excitement appeared to be on the field prior to the game, the three girls noticed someone else of interest in the crowd. Yup, here we are with James Carville.


Blogger NatsNation said...

Welcome to the Natmosphere ladies. Found your location in cyberspace from Basil's side links and you are the newest addition to mine. Hope to see you guys at the ballpark sometime this season.

In the meantime, Go NATS!

10:57 PM  

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