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Friday, May 11, 2007

Extra Extra -- Read All About It

Church is going to smash one, no doubt about it.

Where to begin? Tonight, we sat with the world's greatest young Nats fans! These young boys taught us their cheers (which usually began with extra, extra) and helped us with ours. They danced, cheered, screamed, yelled at the umps and made us feel like kids again. One loyal young MASN viewer even cheered for "Schneider-MAN."

We started the night off right -- with autographs from Jason Bergmann, Kory Casto, and long-time-no-see outfielder, Alex Escobar!

Best of all, Manny Acta came over to sign autographs and agreed to get a picture with us (after he grumbled "you're not ready!" because it took a few seconds to find a person to snap the shot!)

As for the game, we told you we were going to break the losing streak! 'Ya gotta have heart! We knew Shawn Hill would have a great game, but we weren't very excited to see him walk off of the field at the beginning of the 6th to a potential injury.

Up to this point, it was great to have a lead -- but one of us had a prediction. I turned to one of the girls and said, "I feel like a big rally here. We're going to get lots of hits and drive some runs in right now. It's going to be so big, they are going to have to change pitchers. Then we'll get to sing Sweet Caroline. I'm predicting like 6-0."

We only brought the score to 4-0 in the 6th, but almost every part of the prediction was right on. We were speechless! We ended up getting those two other runs in the 7th! And, of course, Rauch closed the deal in Chief's absence to win the game.

And who could forget Langerhans amazing catch.

Finally, 10 wins. Double-digits. Feels good.


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