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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Extra Innings (again), but no W

The Three Girls with Heart were able to get to the game early today. Shawn Hill and Jesus Colome signed autographs, but Colome, whether due to a smudge or his own sense of humor, signed over Kory Casto's name on Steph's ball.

We started off with an early lead thanks to Nook's double, but it was followed by a long game. The O's didn't score until the 8th inning, surprisingly off of Jon Rauch. Of course, it was great to see Chief back in action and on fire.

Extra innings were fun until Payton's double in the 11th when the O's took the lead 3-1.

Batista and Kearns were able to pull in one more run, but the Nats fell to Baltimore again tonight.

Despite the loss, we have to be excited about a great start for Mike Bacsik. He gave up only 5 hits and no runs - a fabulous start, given our incredibly injured starting rotation.

Last but certainly not least - in fact perhaps a highlight of our evening -- we were able to watch the Nats Extra Post-game show live outside RFK.

Johnny Holliday and Ray Knight were so happy to have an audience! Ray instantly spotted us and checked to make sure we were Nats fans. They then suggested that we sit in with them for the broadcast. After the show wrapped up, we had a wonderful conversation with both these friendly broadcasters. Johnny told us all about his career, the MASN studio and his crazy day-to-day schedule. They also informed us that they will be filming live from every home weekend game from now on. Of course, they were also thrilled to pose for a photo with their "three lovely ladies."


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