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Saturday, May 05, 2007

From the Three of Us!

Great day in Chi-town! While the Nationals lost today, it was still a great day for the three girls. Since we are on the road, we have decided to each write a blog giving our individual perspectives of the game and experience. So here goes...

The Nats didn't have the best game. With Patterson suffering in the third inning and Speigner allowing three runs on walks, the game seemed done early on. The Nats rallied in the eighth, but still fell short losing 5-3 to the Cubs.

As usual, I am choosing to ignore the bad (maybe the other girls will cover that) and focusing on the Nats strengths during the game. Austin Kearns had a great catch off a Soriano fly, as well as a couple of strong hits. Jesus Flores also had a strong showing with a nice double. The post game fiesta was even better...

Autographs galore!!! But I will let the girls detail that. Go Nats!


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