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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hey Pull My Finger...

With the season in full swing, and with the Nationals in DC for a long home stretch, the boys definitely seem to be having some well deserved fun. Celebrating a sweep against the Marlins, and a series win against the first place Braves, the players have reason to smile. It is safe to say that the team is thriving under Manager Manny Acta’s leadership, proving that a positive attitude does go a long way.

In his column last Friday, Zimmerman gave us some insight into the practical jokes the Nats play on one another during the season. Ryan says He, Johnson, Schneider, and Kearns do most of the practical joking. He highlighted a prank from spring training, when Johnson filled Schneider’s back jeans pocket with baby powder, and later when Schneiderman pulled his wallet out to buy something baby powder went everywhere. It seems relief pitcher Ryan Wagner has also been part of the practical joking. Turns out, Ryan was taking a nap in the clubhouse on Tuesday, and was awoken with a shaving cream pie in his face. Ryan said, “Good things never happen when you fall asleep in the clubhouse.” Wagner said it has been kind of a slow year for these type of hijinks, but I’d bet that Wanger won’t let the pie in the face go without some sort of retaliation. As the Nats continue this season, I am sure more pranks are in the works. A few words of advice, keep the baby powder, Kool-Aid, and applesauce away from those wonderful Nationals!


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