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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Live from RFK

8:40 What do we need?
When do we need them?

After a rough start for Jerome Williams, things have settled down. The Nats still trail the Braves 5-0. In the 5th inning, Hudson has a no-hitter that we're going to break up soon.

8:43 Perfect timing. Robert Fick just hit a single to right field.

8:45 Langerhans brought Scneider home. Braves lead 5-1.

8:56 Guzman singles to shallow right/center field.

8:57 Zimmerman grounds into a double-play.

9:00 Obnoxious drunk Braves fans in Section 443 go crazy at the thought of beating the big, bad, terrible intimidating Nationals.

9:01 Renteria hits a solo home-run....Nats trail 6-1.

9:10 The Stephs are twisting and shouting in the 7th Inning Stretch; at least they think they are twisting and shouting. You can't hear the music from Section 443 because the speakers are STILL broken. We should have talked to Mr. Kasten about this problem on Saturday night at 2 AM when we had the chance.

9:14 Chief is pitching in the 8th. How strange.

9:24 Nice play at first by FickNasty to catch the runner at 2nd.

9:29 Chief strikes out Diaz for the 3rd out.

9:30 Obnoxious drunk Braves fans leave

9:31 Nook hits to deep center for a triple!

9:35 Batista with a sacrifice fly to center; Nook scores. Nats 2, Braves 6. 2 Outs.

9:36 Fans sing Sweet Caroline as Braves change pitchers.

9:40 Lopez strikes out.

9:45 Rivera closes the top of the ninth with 3 quick outs.

Okay, we're not the Red Sox but a girl can dream. 6-2 bottom of the ninth. Let's Go Nats.

9:50 Nats lose 6-2 to the mean old Braves.


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