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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Baseball Roadtrip

Steph's recap covers most of everything. Just a few things to add and pictures to share. For one, I lost bragging rights with my father and my brother when their Pirates defeated my Nationals.

My brother Mike and I after the game

My Dad and I just as the game was ending

I have to thank them though for an amazing weekend. My Dad gave us the opportunity to sit in amazing seats twice, plenty of great Pittsburgh food including Primanti Brothers sandwiches and Quaker Steak wings -- and my Mom treated us to a night at the Marriott. It was a mini-baseball vacation.

PNC Park is beautiful and the history of the Pirates organization is worthy of respect, except apparantly by their own fans. The lame protest in the 3rd inning Saturday night flopped.

Sunday was much better -- though I too missed Flores homerun shot to the left foul line. I did scream and clutch a friend from Pittsburgh when Robert Fick came running for that ball that came to the left field warning track.

It was nice to leave with a win. We also saw Nats fans along the whole 5 hour drive home, at rest stops and gas stations. It felt like we were all traveling together.....forever.


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