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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Becoming a Fan

Hello all! This is Lindsey from the RiseUpClevelandTeams blog doing a guest post on my favorite National’s blog. As you can tell from my blog’s name, I am a die hard, born and raised Cleveland sports fan. Being a Cleveland fan inherently means that I am a loyal fan and oppose those fair weather fans out there. I believe in respecting an organization, sticking with them and supporting them through the hard time (we have oh so many in Cleveland) and cheering them on in the good times. To me, this is a true fan.

I knew that my love of baseball was too strong to keep from attending Nats games when I moved to the DC area in June of this year, but I wasn't sure how much I could really cheer on the Nationals. The Tribe have always been my #1 team and I have often felt like I'm cheating on them when I attend RFK and cheer on the Nats. However, at Friday night's Nationals vs. Brewers game something happened and I realized that I had made room in heart for the Nationals. For the first time, I saw myself as a true Nats fan.

After a difficult first inning, with a score of 4-0, I found myself cheering wildly for the 2 Ryans (Langerhans and Church) and Ry-an Zimmerman to get the Nats back in the game. It was sometime around Ronnie Belliard's (former Cleveland Indian) spectacular catch that I felt my heart swell with pride because the Nats were playing great defense and keeping themselves in the game. Following some great relief pitching by Schroder, Traber and Rivera, I put on my rally cap with the rest of the fans and cheered the boys on despite the loss.

I've become familiar with RFKs between the innings fillers and look forward to them. I, like my friends, always enjoy watching Teddy stop for a hot dog, playing along with the card shuffle, and singing like mad when "Sweet Caroline" comes on because the opposition is changing pitchers. I have attended most of my games with the girls who run this blog and their devotion to this young, inexperienced and sometimes struggling team reminded me so much of the kind of fan I am for Cleveland and that I could also root for the Nats. After the game I was able to score several autographs and I am now so excited to have an AL and an NL team! I have come to respect the Nationals and see a bright future for them in their new ballpark.


Blogger Steph2853 said...

Lindsey - what a great post! We are very lucky to have acquired such a true baseball fan. Even though your Martinez hit a home run off my Cordero, I still like ya! I guess baseball is the great unifier. I really enjoy having you as a fellow fan and friend, thanks again!

7:12 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

This kind of made me tear up. Welcome to the Nationals

9:16 PM  
Blogger kristen23 said...

so that was me -- above as stephanie. oops!

9:17 PM  

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