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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Rookies Steal the Show

Last nights game was all about the up and comers of the Nationals organization. Prior to the game, the Nationals extended their roster by bringing Matt Chico and Winstin Abreu back from Columbus. Chico says his stint in the minors helped him work out some mechanical issues, we are excited to have him back in DC. The game itself drew large crowd for reasons other than the game. First, Barry Bonds was in the starting lineup for the Giants and second, it was our lovable loser Teddy's (one of the racing Presidents) boblehead night.

We arrived at the game pretty early - taking advantage of a beautiful Saturday - and were able to watch our rookies Hanranhan and Flores warm up by the bullpen. We were pleasantly surprised to see Flores starting on Saturday. We are big supporters of our rookie catcher and are pleased that the Nationals recognize his potential. The warm up went well and we were excited for the Nationals to snap their seven game loosing streak.

The game got off to a slow start, with no score until Hanrahan gave up a solo home run in the 5th inning. Hanrahan pitched solidly for 6 innings last night, the home run being the only hit he gave up. He also walked only one batter. His outing last night was a drastic change from his last start against the Rockies. The Nationals came back strong in the 5th, when Jesus Flores hit a rocket home run over the center field wall, his first in RFK. We were so excited for him! What a great way to turn the game around.
The game remained tied until the next inning when Flores hit a single to drive in Austin Kearns, giving him 21 RBI's so far. Ryan Church followed the a sac fly to ensure the Nationals lead. The guys got a little more insurance when Ryan Zimmerman doubled in the 7th to drive in Felipe Lopez, who had drawn a lead off walk. After our struggles to get men home in the past couple of games, it was nice to see some follow through.

The Nationals did well against Bonds also. Every time he came up to bat, there was a mixture of cheers and boos from the stands, mostly boos though. The cameras flashing around the stadium was just incredible to see. Bonds hit fly outs and only reached base once on a fielder's choice. The game came to an exciting finishing when the Chief faced Bonds. After Chief's blown save in Colorado, we were happy to see him back in action as he worked the 9th inning last night well. He got Bonds to fly out to left to end the game. Finally another Nationals win!

Poor Teddy Roosevelt was not as lucky. The President's race last night was one that won't soon be forgotten. Many thought Teddy would surely win on his bobblehead night. How many in a row can he possibly lose? He had some help last night, as he was carried out on a throne surrounded by body guards. He made it about half way, when his throne was dropped and he had to recover, get up and run. He hung in there and the race ended with a photo finish. Sadly, George won and Teddy remains winless. Maybe he will win during the last game at RFK, or during the first game of the new stadium?

It was a great night at the ballpark - proof that our Nationals have the young talent that will make this team a serious contender sometime very soon. Lets finish those Giants off today!


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