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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Nationals Insider" Live from ESPN Zone

The radio show was broadcast live last night from the ESPN Zone in DC. Both Nationals President Stan Kasten and GM Jim Bowden were there to participate in the radio event. Nats fans were invited to listen to the live broadcast, and to place deposits for season tickets next year. Stan and Jim spent most of their time in the radio booth taking call in questions from fans. Catcher Brian Schneider also called into the show and took a few questions from fans. The Racing Presidents, Clint, and the Nat Pack made appearances as well.

Nats fans were aplenty last night – it was one of the more crowded events. Those late fans that hadn’t reserved their season tickets yet were treated to a gift bag if they put their deposit down last night. Lots of people took advantage of the promotion; it seemed to be a successful event. Clint did his regular trivia questions, some about the inaugural season, and some about the new stadium. We didn’t win anything sadly, but still had a great time!

The restaurant was pretty loud so it was difficult to hear the whole broadcast of the radio show. We especially had difficulty hearing the questions called in and Schneider’s contributions. We did hear a bunch of comments about the parking situation next year. It was a hot topic as the Nats had just announced that every season ticket holder would be able to purchase a parking spot next year. Big news! According to the Nats, those fans who don’t have season tickets next year, and who opt not to take the metro will be able to park at RFK and take a free shuttle to the games. Sounds like an ok deal, however according to the Washington Post, the whole plan hasn’t been totally worked out with the city, and the announcement of the shuttle with RFK parking might have been premature. Goodness it sounds a little messy huh?

Stan and Jim stuck around for a bit after the broadcast and mingled with fans. We were able to chat with Stan for a few minutes, which was pretty nice. We were also informed that there would be plenty more events this winter to keep us busy with baseball, we can’t wait. Great to see so many familiar faces again!

It must have been a busy night for the front office, because they also announced the selection of the contracts for four guys to be added to the 40 man roster. The Nationals selected, Garrett Mock (RHP), Justin Jones (LHP), Josh Whitesell (1B), and Roger Bernadina (OF).


Blogger JoeCool said...

Glad you had fun. I have no idea what employees are going to have to do about parking. I'll probably just end up catching the Green Line in from Greenbelt.

3:59 PM  

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