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Monday, November 19, 2007

A Necessary Evil?

Stan Kasten commented this weekend on Scott Boras, after his tough week. The goliath of sports agents watched his biggest client talk to the Yankees directly. Shortly there after, he lost Kenny Rogers too. Jerry Crasnick's column chronicles all the Boras mistakes over the past few weeks and the essential story of the famous agent.

Given the Nats interest in Jones, Stan's opinion of Boras is interesting:

"I used to think as Scott as a necessary evil, and now I've changed, I no longer think he is necessary. He and I are friendly enough personally, but I think the way he conducts himself is perfectly consistent with the job he's given within the system we have. I think the system could be better, and I've talked about this publicly, for all of sports, for all of fans, and for all of players, if the union took over that job, and we had an agent free universe, I think everything would be better. Boras is what he is, and he's done what he does, and I've signed many contracts with Scott, but it makes it difficult."

He continued...
"I had this conversation with Andruw [Jones] who was a little put off by the whole situation with the Braves and how his departure was handled, and I was thinking to myself, that he needs to realize that his agent makes things difficult from time to time, and there are some teams that don't want to deal with it. It's well known that the last time he [Jones] did a contract with the Braves, he did it without using Scott. We've seen at least twice this week when that's happened, with A-Rod and Kenny Rogers, I don't think it's a trend, Scott's going to continue to be very successful, but there are times when Scott is not a plus, and we see examples of that from time to time."


Blogger WFY said...

I wonder which necessary evil Kasten thinks is worse, agents or the media.

7:52 AM  

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