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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Odds and Ends

Just a few updates before we head to the Home Run Derby in Chesapeake this weekend...

Tony Batista and D'Angelo Jimenez have filed for free agency. Tony was great off the bench this year (if you could wait through 20 foul balls, at least 2 of which would look like big hits down the third base line). Jimenez only got hot late in the season.

Schneider-Man recently took the ride of his life according to the Jacksonville Daily Record. He took a demo flight in a Blue Angel at a Sea and Sky Spectacular. Schneider's experience was compared to facing Cy Young winner Randy Johnson, but Brian explained that the Blue Angel experience was much more terrifying than Johnson's fastball. “At least I am conscious for an at bat,” he said. “It was great and I am just happy I was able to stay awake. It was very close. You can feel yourself about to pass out.”

You can vote now for Bob, Charlie and Don for the 2008 Frick Awards. (Like you, we're still patiently waiting to hear that Charlie, Dave and Bob will be back).

Dmitri has collected another comeback award -- this time from the very meaningful, 2007 Players Choice Awards. Congrats D!

The Nats successful 2007 draft was rated as the best in the industry thanks to Jim's great work getting Detwiler, McGeary, Smoker and Burgess this summer.

The NL East is well represented in This Week in Baseball's Hitter Award category, but Dmitri was apparantly overlooked.

There's a fun MLB video up featuring Nats "future stars" Justin Maxwell (believe it) and Kory Casto (not so sure). Maxwell looked great in his call-up and launched a grand slam in his first major league hit. Kory struggled early in the season and never came back up.

Barry writes that ESPN is considering the opening night game. The tentative schedule still has the Nats in Cincy on the 4th of July. He also writes that the sod was scheduled to arrive today and that an official unveling will occur on November 13.


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