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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The juice just ain't worth the squeeze

Thanks to Thom Loverro at the Washington Times for his article on the Dukes trade. The article says everything we were thinking, but were struggling to put into words. The jist - Dukes is not worth the trouble. As Nats fans we are now asked to show our loyalty by welcoming this troubled kid with open arms...not a chance.

More Trade News:

The revolving door that has been the Washington Nationals this week continues to spin with the news that Jonathan Albaladejo has been traded to the New York Yankees for right-handed starter, Tyler Clippard. Albaladejo posted a 1.88 ERA in 14.1 innings of work with the Nationals at the end of the season. We are certainly going to miss him, he looked great in his call up. Doug saw him pitch last season in AAA before his September call up, and was excited about him. Albaladejo came almost free from the Pirates so its nice that we get someone of value for him. The 22 year old Clippard had a 3-1 record last year with a 6.33 ERA.

With the recent addition of Milledge and Dukes, the Nats outfield is getting a little crowded. A recent report suggests that Kearns and Lopez could go as a package deal in exchange for more starting pitching. Kearns was touted as a Gold Glove candidate for much of the season by the Nationals front office. Lets hope this rumor isn't true.


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