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Monday, December 10, 2007

Paul Lo Duca...

is reported to have agreed to terms with the Nationals. According to Barry Lo Duca will get $5 million for one year. Does this move seem to be a scramble to fill a roster void to anyone else? Is Lo Duca any better than Brian Schneider? Really? I still don't understand why we traded him in the first place. Paying millions for a guy who isn't much better than what we had seems like a move only Jimbo would make. What the heck happened to my team over the past week?!

I understand the desire to create a winning team. Believe me, I can't wait to see the Nationals play October baseball. However, it all seems to be coming at a pretty high cost. I am supposed to just accept that we might have a better record next year, and cheer for guys who clearly don't have the same amount of character as those we just gave away? I realize that's probably a very 'girl' thing to say, but does character really count for nothing?

If all of the talk in 2007 about clubhouse unity and positive energy was true, it seems like the Nats will have a lot of work to do in 2008 to ensure that atmosphere doesn't go away. So while we might be better offensively, our starting first baseman's main job is going to be babysitting our potential center fielder, and we extended a contract for veteran infielder just to help bring character to the clubhouse. Now we also have an older catcher who we have given a bunch of money to for only one year, who doesn't really get a long with our other potential center fielder, and has issues all his own. This all seems a bit backwards to me.

Lastly, what happens to our 'catcher of the future' Jesus Flores. Is he going to be sent down to the minors next year to further develop? Keeping in mind that he certainly proved himself last year at the big league level, with a great arm, on point defensive skills, and key clutch hits. He has also been playing winter ball in Venezuela. As I posted before he's not playing everyday, but when he does play he produces -- he hit an RBI double last night. I say why not give this kid a real chance to prove what else he can do?

I am not sure about the 2008 Nationals. Who knows, maybe I am too emotionally attached, but I have a feeling we as fans are in for quite a dramatic season. I'll try my hardest to remain positive, and hopefully I eat my words.


Blogger JoeCool said...

Well, Lo Duca's Batting Average was .272, 37 points higher than Schneider's .235 and he hit 9 homeruns. 3 more than Schneider's 6. He also had 121 hits last season, 25 more than Schneider's 96. Lo Duca's slugging percentage was .378, 52 points higher than Schneider's .326 The only category Schneider was better than Lo Duca was On Base Percentage. Schneider's was .326 as opposed to Lo Duca's .311 Most of Lo Duca's numbers are higher than Schneider's. And while he may not be that much greater than Schneider, or a phenomonal player, he does bring the experience of a veteran catcher who's been to the playoffs, just 2 years ago, in 2006. So he'll be a very good mentor to a young Jesus Flores and a team looking to make it to the playoffs in the near future.

4:26 AM  

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