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Sunday, February 17, 2008

He Speaks

Paul LoDuca broke his long silence today and released a statement about his steroid use and mention in the Mitchell Report. His statement was pretty much the same kind of thing we have heard from others mentioned.

"In regards to Senator Mitchell's report, I apologize to my family, all my fans and to the entire baseball community for [the] mistakes in judgment I made in the past and for the distractions that resulted. I am fully committed to being the best player and person I can be, on and off the field, for the Washington Nationals and the entire baseball community.

"I recognize the importance of my role in the community as a professional athlete, and I intend to focus my energies on making a positive impact in that regard. So that I can focus on making positive contributions and avoid creating further distractions, I respectfully decline to comment any further on the content of the Mitchell Report."

When asked why he waited so long to make the statement, LoDuca said he wanted to focus on his offseason. He waited until spring training to focus on baseball again. Whatever you say Paul...

It's still unsure if LoDuca will face a suspension, his case is still being reviewed. It's also unclear if LoDuca will be ready to play on opening day. Seems like a lot of stuff to work out in the next six weeks. According to the Times, the team has a scenario in place to deal with a suspension of LoDuca, it involves Jesus Flores starting the season in majors.

Hopefully Jesus gets to spring training soon, apparently some guys on the team had some issues with their visas. Flores, Ayala, Colome, Munoz, and a few others where unable to report to spring training on Saturday. Lets hope they can make it soon!


Blogger Dave said...

hi girls. don't know if you've seen our new website yet, but we just posted our 2008 Team preview, and our NL East preview should be up in a couple days. we're going to greatly expand our Nats coverage this year, with daily game recaps and columns (somethign the Post still has trouble with). check out the preview witht he link below and let me know how you like the new website.


we're going down to Viera March 20-28. can't wait for games to start!

hope you're all well, see you at the park.

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